Men Ties – Custom made to match bridesmaid dresses

We can also custom make men ties and pocket handkerchiefs to help you match your bridesmaid dresses.

We can colour match your bridesmaid dresses or if you didn’t order a bridesmaid dress from us we can also make them for you.

The material used to make a tie is satin which is different to the chiffon material used for bridesmaid dresses, so the colour will be a similar shade of colour but not identical because they are different fabrics altogether.

The long ties made are the skinny ties. If you do not want the skinny ties, please mention this when ordering and we will make it the wide looking ties.

Here are the discounted pricing for customers that are ordering bridesmaid dresses from us:

Long Ties – $29.95 ea
Handkerchief – $14.95 ea
Long Ties and Handkerchief Set – $39.95

Regular Price:

Sale Price : $29.95

Size: + Size Chart


Men Ties – Custom made to match bridesmaid dresses

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