Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid Dresses

At the we sell bridesmaid dresses in over 45+ different colours. We also allow bridesmaids to mix and match styles with different colours.

So that means your bridesmaids can have different styles in the same coloured bridesmaid dresses. Or even the same style in different colours.

Custom Making Bridesmaid Dresses?
You can either order your bridesmaid dresses in a standard size or a custom made to measure size. We recommend ordering a ‘custom made to measure’, which means the bridesmaids can measure up their body and email the measurements through after paying. They can also enter their measurements into the website just before paying as there will be a box to add extra comments.

Here is a link on how to measure up:

Why style of bridesmaid dresses should I go for?
Generally, we find that if the bride is wearing a strapless wedding dress then they would usually choose a strapless bridesmaid dress to match the bride. This is the same for brides that are wearing sleeved wedding gowns then they would choose bridesmaid dresses with sleeves. We find that if you have a group of bridesmaid with varied sizes, its best to choose a sleeve because larger framed girls prefer dresses with sleeves to show less of their body.

Having said this, we know that its hard to accommodate to every bridesmaid wishes. So the as the bride is the person getting married, we think that the bride has the biggest say on which style she would like the bridesmaids to wear.

If the bridal party can’t seem to agree on a particular style, then you can also choose a different bridesmaid dress in the same colour. We’ve had many weddings where the bridal party is wearing all different styles that suit their body in the same colour.

And of course you can also also choose different tones of the colour. For example your wedding theme is blue, you can choose different shades of blue so each bridesmaid is unique in their own way.

We have provided bridesmaid dresses to hundreds of weddings across Australia, New Zealand, UK and US and many other countries. So believe in providing excellent quality bridesmaid dresses for that very special occasion.

Here are some wedding photos our customers have sent to us after their wedding wearing the dresses we made for them.

Turquoise coloured bridesmaid dresses style #A1029
turquoise blue bridesmaid dresses

Tiffany blue bridesmaid dresses style #A1029
tiffany blue bridesmaid dresses

Acai purple bridesmaid dresses style #C102
dark purple bridesmaid dresses

Watermelon bridesmaid dresses style #F101
watermelon bridesmaid dresses

Baby peach bridesmaid dresses style #A1029
peach bridesmaid dresses

Amethyst purple bridesmaid dresses style #E101
amethyst purple bridesmaid dresses

Jade green bridesmaid dresses style #C104
jade green bridesmaid dresses

Teal bridesmaid dresses style #L101
teal bridesmaid dresses

Charcoal grey bridesmaid dresses style #C104
charcoal grey bridesmaid dresses

Royal blue bridesmaid dresses style #R101
royal blur bridesmaid dresses

Mint green bridesmaid dresses style #C101

Below is a summary of just a few of the colours we sell, go to this link for a complete list of our bridesmaid dresses.