Mens Colour Matched Bow Ties, Ties and Pocket Handkerchief


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We can also custom make bow ties and pocket handkerchiefs to help you match your bridesmaids perfectly.

We can colour match your bridesmaid dresses or if you didn’t order a bridesmaid dress from us we can also make them for you.

The material used in a tie are different to the bridesmaid dresses, so the colour will be 95% similar. But we cant say 100% because its a totally different material used.
The prices are dearer than the normal ties, because each of them are individually hand made to order.

After you placed your order, please email us the photo of the colour you want made.

Discount for customers that ordered bridesmaid dresses from us:

Bow Ties – $34.95 ea
Handkerchiefs – $14.95 ea
Bow Ties and Handkerchief Set – $44.95

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Acai Purple, Amethyst Purple, Apple Green, Apricot Peach, Aqua, Aubergine Purple, Baby Blue, Baby Green, Baby Peach, Baby Pink, Beige, Black, Bright Hot Pink, Burgundy, Burnt Orange, Champagne, Charcoal Grey, Coral, Cream, Dark Blue, Deep Coral, Dusty Pink, Dusty Rose, Emerald, Fuchsia Pink, Grey, Hot Pink, Ivory, Jade Green, Lavender Purple, Lilac Purple, Mandarin Peach, Midnight Blue, Mint Green, Olive Green, Orange, Pale Yellow, Plum Purple, Red, Summer Pink, Tangerine Orange, Teal, Watermelon, White, Yellow, Turquoise, Pastel Beige, Pastel Purple, Light Grey, Misty Blue, Royal Blue, Red-Violet, Blush, Coral Pink, Custom Colour Upon Request


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