Refund Policy

At the WeddingOutlet we offer wholesale wedding dress prices in Australia and want our customers to be 100% satisfied customers.

We want you to look beautiful on your wedding day.

All garments are custom made to order, if you ordered a standard sized garment (eg. wedding dress, bridesmaid dress, suits, ties ) and if for whatever reason it doesn’t fit properly or you simply don’t like the style, simply return it back to us within 7 days and we will offer you a full exchange for something else on the website. Buyer pays for the return postage.

All garments are sent with tracking numbers with registered post

The address for returning goods is in Australia.

What does that mean for you?

It means that you can order a dress (standard size), try it on and then if you don’t like it, send it back to us and use that money to exchange it for something else you need for your wedding like a wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, wedding favours, ties etc.

So you can also order bridesmaid dresses and if you want to return it, simply send it back to us and use the credit to exchange it for something else eg. different style, different colour or other products. The credit has no expiry period and can be used to exchange for equal or higher value.

This also applies to custom made designs, if you want us to custom make a design for you and you end up wanting to return it, simply return it back to us and use the credit to exchange it for other things like a different wedding gown or bridesmaid dresses etc. This way, you can save thousands getting your dream dress made with us for a fraction of the price in a store, and you have nothing to lose.

Please allow the same amount of time for us to remake the new garments for you. Our standard delivery times is 8 to 10 weeks for a new garment sent to you, so if you need a new dress remade urgently you will need to pay for the express costs.

You can exchange the garment once, it cannot be worn outdoors, perfumed, stepped on or show signs it’s been worn when you return it back to us.

Now at the WeddingOutlet you can buy dresses at wholesale prices.

To ease your mind, the credit card merchant we use is Paypal.

Paypal has a buyer protection refund policy, you can read their protection policy to give yourself a little peace of mind. Here is Paypal’s buyer protection policy:

We don’t offer refunds on simply change of heart. All our dresses look like the website, so we don’t refund on things like you don’t like the colour or style anymore. If you are not sure about the colour or style, I would suggest you to order a colour swatch first or you order 1 x style to try on first so you can see it. We do accept exchanging the garment (if you ordered a standard size) for anything else on our website.

If you send in measurements please ensure the measurements you give us are accurate, we are not responsible if you gave us incorrect measurements.

If for some reason you find our products faulty or a misrepresentation of the product, you can return the goods back to us for a repair, exchange or a credit for the item. We will pay for your return postage.

If the product you want to change is a higher price, the buyer pays for the difference for the higher priced item for the exchange. Eg. if you ordered a dress that is $299.95 and want to exchange it for the $599.95 dress, you will need to pay for the $300 difference.

We accept exchanges all non-garments such as wedding favours, chair sashes, shoes, guest books. You will need to send the items back to us in order for us to exchange them for you. Buyer pays for return postage.